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Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial Art that dates back over 450 years. Capoeira incorporates a range of exercises, techniques and stretches that will grow strength, stamina and flexibility.

Filhos De Santos teaches Capoeira adhering to the traditional methods passed from Mastre to student for generations. These traditional methods incorporate all elements of the art including martial arts, dance, music and culture. The mix of these elements leads to students of Capoeira being physically and mentally strong, with growths in discipline for all age groups.

Filhos De Santos’ style of Capoeira as called Regional, which was invited by Mestre Bimba (discussed below), with elements mixed in by Mestre Mundinho (founder of Filhos De Santos) that he learnt throughout his life.

The growth of the group over time has lead to a martial art that not only develops you physically, but also educates about culture and music.

A bit of Capoeira’s History

Capoeira originates from the people who were brought over from Angola Africa as slaves to Brazil. Because of the slavery and harsh penalties, Capoeira was forced into hiding. This was accomplished by mixing the Martial Art aspects with dance and music. Because the African slave’s culture was naturally rich with dance and music, the slave’s masters up first easily dismissed Capoeira. After a while Capoeira had become more than a style of Martial Art, but rather a symbol of rebellion which became known to the slave master, who then swiftly outlawed the practice.

Today Capoeira is now legal due to the heroic efforts of a person named Mestre Bimba. Mestre Bimba formalised Capoeira by mixing the old style known as Angola and a form of Rio De Jenario Street fighting called Batuke.

Today Filhos De Santos offers a high intensity workout designed to build your strength, stamina and flexibility. Combined with the discipline and traditions of an age old Martial Art, Capoeira also promotes self-esteem and confidence.

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