Community Activities

As Filhos De Santos is a community focused group, we are always keenly on the look out for opportunities to help the local community, particularly through youth focused programs. From day one, Filhos De Santos was involved with the community, working alongside many organisations including one located in the heart of Cairns: Graft’n’Arts. Today our major partnership is with Police Citizens Youth Clubs (P.C.Y.C) in Cairns (www link) and Brisbane (www link). Recently, we have also begun training sessions at James Cook University, via the JCU Student Association Cairns.

Beyond these organisation, the group has worked with numerous schools, government bodies and non-government organisations such as department of youth justice in Queensland and some state schools. Below is a small sample of the activities Filhos De Santos has run and been involved with:

  • P.C.Y.C Cairns and Fortitude Valley (ongoing) – The majority of Filhos De Santos classes are now run at P.C.Y.Cs in both Cairns and Brisbane. All instructors in our Capoeira group are registered government volunteers, allowing all revenue generated from classes held at the P.C.Y.C go to back to the P.C.Y.C to assist with their operation and development of other activities such as Capoeira. Filhos De Santos has been working with the P.C.Y.C since 2006.

  • Department of Youth Justice QLD – Filhos De Santos ran a 16 week training program directed at troubled youth in the local Cairns area. The main aim of the program was to provide local youths with experience and knowledge aimed at developing personal discipline.

  • Croc Festival, Thursday Island – Two teachers travelled to Thursday Island to provide two days of Capoeira workshops for the local school children. This allowed many children and teenagers from all over the Torres Straits to experience Capoeira. The workshops where followed up by a demonstration for the local community.

  • Atherton State High School – A workshop program designed to provide Capoeira to local school students of Atherton. The course was originally set to run for 8 weeks, but due to great results it continued for 12 months.

  • Trinity Beach State School – Filhos De Santos ran a 10 week workshop at Trinity Beach State School to assist with suppling a diverse range of school activities for the children.

  • Tanks Art Centre Cairns – Filhos De Santos has provided many demonstration and volunteer workshops for the Tanks Art Centre. Our workshops and demonstrations where specially requested in when they were running cultural festival or youth based activities.

  • ATSICHS – Filhos De Santos provided free workshops for the local indigenous children that actively involved with ATSICHS activities in Brisbane. The workshops where run from the Fortitude Valley P.C.Y.C.

  • Hayday Festival Cairns – Recently at the Cairns Hayday Festival, Filhos De Santos provide a Capoeira demonstration, promoting cultural diversity of FNQ.

If you would like to enquire more about our community activities and events or you would like to request for our services, please fill out the below enquiry form.