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Many people believe fitness is a prerequisite to start training Capoeira, this is a concern many have prior starting Capoeira. The fact is Filhos De Santos and many other Capoeira schools training is designed to build the students fitness, both physically and mentally, particularly coordination. For this reason, people any level of fitness are welcome to come and train Capoeira with Filhos De Santos.

Filhos De Santos training regime is broken down into a series of stages every class, first being warm ups that last for 30 mins. These warm ups are designed to build flexibility, core strength and endurance, allowing for the growth of a strong body and fast reflexes.

The second stage of the training is development of the base of the art, for example, basic kicks, defences and stances called Ginga (upper stance) and Cortacapin (lower stance). This also lasts for about 30mins.

The third stage of the class is technique training. In Capoeira there are a variety of techniques such as complicated kicks, grapples, takedowns and acrobatics. The techniques change regularly and are chosen by the instructor.

The final stage of the training session is called the Roda, which is when music is taught and the time students put into practise what they learnt in class through sparring. The Roda is often referred to as the Game but considered to be a very serious element for the development of all Capoeiristas.

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