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Capoeira is a Tool For life
Grow Confidence, Fitness and  Discipline Whilst Having Fun
About Filhos De Santos


Filhos De Santos is a Brisbane based Community focused Capoeira group

Filhos De Santos has been established in Queensland for over 14 years, originating in Cairns, created by Mestre Mundinho. Filhos De Santos is now moved to Brisbane and is located at the Fortitude Valley P.C.Y.C.

Community Activities

From day one, Filhos De Santos was involved with the community, working alongside many organisations located in the heart of Cairns and the Brisbane area. If you would like to enquire about community services, click the link below to find out what we have done and to contact us.

Capoeira Class Times

Filhos De Santos has classes both in person and online over.  The in person classes are only $10 per session and the Zoom classes are $5 per session.  Alternatively you can subscribe for $10 per week and have unlimted access to all the classes. 

What is Capoeira

Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial Art that dates back over 450 years. Capoeira incorporates a range of exercises, techniques and stretches that will grow strength, stamina and flexibility.

Filhos De Santos teaches Capoeira adhering to the traditional methods passed from Mastre to student for generations. These traditional methods incorporate all elements of the art including martial arts, dance, music and culture. The mix of these elements leads to students of Capoeira being physically and mentally strong, with growths in discipline for all age groups.

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