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Dirte Sauzu

Instructor Dirte Sauzu started Capoeira in mid 2000 as a student of Mestre Mundinho, during this time, Dirte Sauzu assited Mundinho with a variety of workshops, youth activities and demonstrations. During this time, he did over 50 performances in the Cairns area, travelled to the table lands twice a week for 12 months to assist with workshops, and many more. Before Mundinho left the country, he graduated Dirte Sauzu as an instructor.

In late 2007 Dirte Sauzu travelled to Brasil to receive more training from Mundinho, during this time he visited many academies and trained under Mundinho’s brother Mestre Bida (Angola Mestre). Dirte Sauze also travelled throughout Europe visiting numerous academies, including training with Groupo De Muzenza for a month in Barcelona (run by Professor Animal). Dirte Sauzu now runs the Brisbane Filhos De Santos Capoeira Academy located in the Fortitude Valley P.C.Y.C.

Dirte Sauzu main focus is to grow the Capoeira community in Australia and is always happy to assist with community activities. If you would like to contact Instructor Dirte Sauzu, Click here and fill out the enquiry form, or ph 0404 793 390.


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